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New Zealand Winter Holidays

New Zealand is a great destination for winter holidays, and has an entire industry around providing accommodation, entertainment, and dining to our international visitors during the colder months.

New Zealand offers unlimited activities to keep you entertained during your visit, with snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding leading the way.

General Information on Skiing and Snowboarding in New Zealand - New Zealand has ski fields suitable to everyone, from absolute beginners to life-long professional boarders. Here are our key tips to ensure your ski holiday is absolutely awesome!

  • Ensure you have all the correct gear before heading out on the snow. At the bare minimum, you will need appropriate clothing (pants, goggles, warm socks, coat, beanie, gloves, and some warm under-garments). Snowboards and boots, or skies, boots, and polls.

  • Most ski fields will rent you all you need for a reasonably good price. Shop around beforehand online to see who has the best prices, and who can kit you out best (some will come to your hotel to do this!)

  • Search for the best deals before heading up the slopes! Participating in now sports isn’t cheap, but a good packaged deal can often save hundreds.

  • Carry food and water with you, being on the snow gets tiring! A few nut bars or other compact snacks can give you the extra boost you need.

  • Despite being winter, the sun can be harsh up on the slopes. Be sure to have good goggles or sunglasses as the reflections off the snow can be blinding! Also take sunscreen to protect your skin from New Zealand’s harsh UV rays.

Ski seasons in New Zealand vary every year, but the local ski enthusiasts start getting excited in May when the first big snow fall is likely to happen down south. But the saying often holds true, snow in May melts away. South Island fields will typically start opening from early June, and remain open until early October. North Island fields will be a bit delayed, with fields usually opening late June until mid November.

It always pays to check the snow reports on the specific day you want to travel up the slopes however. New Zealand has several specialist snow report websites that provide daily weather reports, forecasts, webcams, and weather commentaries. Check out either SnowHQ.com, Snow.co.nz, or the Ski Resorts own website to get the latest information.

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