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Things to Do in New Zealand

Tourists to New Zealand have huge range of attractions and activities to experience throughout the country. We have something for everyone taste; from the adrenaline seekers to those who prefer a more relaxing, luxurious holiday.

Some of the more well-known things to do in New Zealand include bungy jumping, sky diving, snow sports, and wine tasting.

Our top list of Things to Do in New Zealand:

AJHackettBungyBungy Jumping- What better place to throw yourself of the edge of a platform high of the ground, attached by just an elastic cord, then New Zealand – the home of bungy jumping. If you’re looking for a true kiwi adrenaline-pumping experience bungy jumping is just what you need! Read More

Luge – Luge rides in New Zealand are a quick and easy way to get you heart pumping. Sit yourself in a small cart and let gravity take you charging down a sloping concrete track that winds and bends for hundreds of meters before reaching the bottom and letting your white knuckles loosen their grip on the steering. Read More

Jet Boating – New Zealand’s miles of picturesque lakes and rivers make the country a haven for thrill seekers wanting the rush of jet boating at break-neck speeds, just centimetres from cliff faces that line the riverside. Jet boating can be enjoyed by all ages, just bring a brave face and strap yourself in! Read More

Rafting - Rafting in New Zealand is a great way to both see the secluded areas of the environment, and to also get white knuckles as your grip your paddle while navigating down wild rapids. New Zealand offers a range of rafting experiences, suiting people of all skill levels. Read More

Surfing - Surfing is one of New Zealand’s most popular summer sports, and locals and tourists alike will line the golden and black sand beaches catch the waves. First timers can learn to surf in an afternoon from one of the many surf schools who will provide all equipment needed – just bring yourself and some sun screen! Read More

Water sports - Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Knee boarding, and ‘Biscuiting’ are all common water sports in New Zealand. For beginners Biscuiting is an easy way to get out on the water and get the heart pumping – in what is essentially a donut shaped tube towed behind and within the wake of a boat! Read More

Aerobatics – If you want to experience a mind-blowing adrenaline rush thousands of feet in the air, join one of New Zealand’s many aviation experts and strap yourself in tight! Aerobatic flights are a great way to get the blood flowing, and take in New Zealand’s beautiful scenery from above…for those who can keep their eyes open! Read More

Skydiving – For those who turn up their noses at a wine tasting tour, or exploring New Zealand’s scenery on horseback, there are plenty of small businesses willing to take you thousands of feet in the air, all so you can jump out! Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating thrills your can do in New Zealand, and nothing quite shows your adrenaline seeking attitude like jumping from a plane! Read More

Heliskiing – It’s no secret New Zealand has some of the most scenic, and exhilarating, snowboarding and skiing locations in the world. For those that feel the need to take it to the next level, Helicopters are waiting and ready to pick you up and drop you on the highest peaks inaccessible to the average boarder, so you can experience New Zealand’s snow sports in a way few others have. Read More

Climbing & Abseiling – New Zealand has a range of climbing and abseiling activities available, with a location to suit everyone’s skill and preferences. Most climbing in New Zealand is done in the stunning Southern Alps, which provides ample opportunities to test the keenest of mountaineers. Read More

Horse-TrekHorse Trekking – Experience exploring New Zealand’s world-renowned scenery and being at one with the environment via a fully-arranged horse trek tour. New Zealand operators generally provide all equipment necessary, so just bring yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature! Read More

Diving & Snorkelling – Wherever you may be when in New Zealand, you won’t be far from exploring the fascinating sea life in coastal waters or inland lakes. Due to the countries location, you can experience everything from sub-tropical to sub-Antarctic diving and snorkelling right here in one country. Read More

Salt Water Fishing – Fishermen of all skill levels will fall in love with New Zealand’s range of salt water fishing attractions. Charter fishing in New Zealand comes with the bonus of magnificent scenery, and being immersed in great marine life such as dolphins, penguins, seals, and the albatross. Whether you want to go snapper fishing in the Auckland harbour, or big game fishing off the coast of Coromandel, there is a charter operator to suit you. Read More

Sailing – No matter your skill level or experience, New Zealand Sailing offers the keen adventurer a great opportunity to get out onto the lakes, oceans, or rivers. There are many operators willing to teach you sailing, or you can choose to sit back and enjoy a meal while you are escorted through a picturesque harbour with a professional handling the yacht! Read More

Hot Air Ballooning – Hot Air Ballooning is a classic romantic adventure, and allows you to enjoy the beautiful views over New Zealand’s pristine landscape in stunning clear, calm weather conditions. Read More

Day Spas & Health and Beauty Salons -New Zealand has countless days’ spas & beauty across the country allowing you to pamper yourself while on holiday. Take a few hours out of your day to relax and rejuvenate, and treat yourself to spa treatments and a massage. Read More

Adrenaline Activities

Zorbing - If climbing into a ball, which sits inside a larger inflated ball, and rolling yourself down grass hill sounds like fun, then you have to try zorbing while in New Zealand! Invented locally, zorbing gets you to speeds of up to 50kmph while bouncing down a hill on a cushion of air. Read More

Car & Kart Racing -New Zealand has numerous indoor and outdoor tracks for motor racing of all sorts, to suit all skill levels. Whether you want to take a Lamborghini for a spin around a professional race track, a rally car through tree lined dirt roads, or a kart on an indoor track, New Zealand has a tourism operator to meet your requests! Read More

Mountain biking - New Zealand is a country with a mix of rough, unforgiving terrain, and countless rolling hills. This only means one things to a particular breed of adventure seeking New Zealanders and tourists with a thrill seeking attitude – get out the mountain bike and go chase your next adrenaline rush! Read More

Adventure Activities

Skiing and Snowboarding - New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the leading ski destinations worldwide. Once you get here and strap on your skis or snowboard, you will understand why! The landscapes and scenery New Zealand’s snowfields are surrounded by will leave you breathless, and the energized ski-town atmosphere you will encounter afterhours will keep you entertained late into the night. Read More

Franz_Josef_glacierGlacier Tours - New Zealand’s most famous glaciers are Fox and Franz Josef on the South Islands West Coast. To experience the unique combination of glaciers mingling with temperate rainforest, an ecosystem not seen anywhere else in the world, get in touch with one of the many Glacier tour companies that operate in the region! Read More

Caving - New Zealand has hidden underground world ready for exploration and adventure. Glow-worms line the walls of many New Zealand caves and are sure to fascinate and amaze those who dare venture into one of New Zealand’s extensive cave networks. Read More

Mountaineering - New Zealand is home of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first mountaineer to reach the Peak of Mount Everest. The mountains of New Zealand dominate the landscape, and provide opportunities for climbers of any ability. Read More

Motorcycle Tours - What better way to explore New Zealand, and feel the sense of discovery, as you ride through some of the Southern Hemispheres most scenic roads with the wind on your face, than riding a motorcycle? Feel the freedom and fresh air on our less travelled roads on our selection of trails suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Read More

4WD Adventures - New Zealand’s back country is riddled with rough tracks which criss-cross through unforgiving farms and forests. Hire a sturdy 4WD and explore New Zealand’s neglected old roads and rugged terrain to reach some of the country’s less accessible scenic attractions. Read More

Relaxing Activities

Walking & hiking tracks can be found all over New Zealand. Vast national parks occupy nearly one third of New Zealand’s landscape, resulting in hundreds of walks to choose from. Ranging from the nine ‘Great Walks’ to shorter day walks, there is definitely an adventure in New Zealand to suit those who like to see the world by foot. Read More

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